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A glimpse of the 16th century fortress walls of the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena (Colombia) built by the Spanish during the colonial era. Through texture and movement, Protocol reflects on physical and abstract manifestations of power connecting the past to the present.

Protocol is part of a series of experimental short films that explore my sensorial relationship to tourist sites and how their history can be perceived.

technical info

Colombia/Canada, 2011

1 minute

Super 8mm blown up to 35mm, Silent

Color, 1.37


Director, Producer, Camera, Editor: Lina Rodriguez

Super 8mm to 35mm transfer: John Kneller

Negative Cutter: Catherine Rankin

Thanks: Brad Deane, Clara Monroy,

Jose Almeiro Rodriguez, LIFT


New York Film Festival, 2011

Images Festival, 2012

Sala Lugones, 2018

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