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Alejandra is a free spirit who lives life as she wants. She lives with her mother in a small, comfortable apartment in Bogotá and spends most nights drinking or dancing with her close but complicated circle of friends, including her best friend Véronica and her some-time boyfriend Tomás.

Alejandra expresses her playful independence and passion in these friendships, as well as in her sexual conquests with various men, without consequence. She embraces the routines and rituals in her life, as she makes her way through the world.

Yet, Alejandra’s comfort is also where the complexity lies. Although the expectations her friends and her mother have of her define Alejandra’s life in many ways, the youthful intensity with which she connects to her surroundings gradually comes to a head. During a trip outside of the city with her friends, a seemingly innocuous game reveals that something has shifted in Alejandra, and that she remains on the brink of a greater spiritual and sexual consciousness about herself. In Alejandra, we see someone who is willing to walk in the dark alone.

Señoritas is a subtle, contemplative and deeply intimate examination of the way one young woman navigates the daunting terrain of sex, desire and identity.​

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technical info

Canada, 2013

87 minutes


Color, 1.77

with support from



Alejandra: María Serrano

Alejandra's Mother: Clara Monroy

Verónica: Angela Katherine Laverde

Tomás: Sebastián Cuevas Iriarte

Antonio: Juan Miguel Santana

Juan: Juan Pablo Conto

Sara: Luisa Leal

Man in the Apartment: Henry Yepes

Man in the Car: Miguel Ariel Sierra

Man in the Bar: Santiago Londoño Carvajal


Writer & director: Lina Rodriguez

Producers: Lina Rodriguez & Brad Deane

Line Producer: Jose Almeiro Rodríguez

Director of Photography: Alejandro Coronado

Editors: Lina Rodriguez & Brad Deane

Sound Designer: Roberta Ainstein 

Music: Sexy Lucy, Total Inspector & Marker Starling

Camera assistants: Luis Eduardo Martínez,

Carlos Tarazona

Sound Recordist: Marcela Vanegas Cardenas

Sound Assistant: Andrés Rodríguez

Associate Producer: Nausíka Audiovisual


Cartagena International Film Festival, 2013

Film Society of Lincoln Center, 2013

Havana Film Festival, 2013

Trinidad + Tobago Film Festival, 2013

Transcinema International Film Festival, 2013

Fribourg International Film Festival, 2015

MICGénero, 2015

TIFF Bell Lightbox - Theatrical run, 2015

Colombia - Theatrical run (multiple cities), 2015

Sala Lugones, 2018

Cineteca Madrid, 2019

Cinemateca de Bogotá, 2019

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